Do It Yourself

Whats the Deal!?

We’ve all heard of the somewhat new social media site Pinterest. When I first heard about Pinterest I was very irritated when I had to be on a waiting list to actually start using the site. Although, when accepted, Pinterest became an addiction. I have decided to make my blog about everything I post on Pinterest and instead of just letting it sit on my boards I am actually going to create the amazing do-it-yourself projects that I find and am interested in. Me and my roommates always share these with each other and think that they are good ideas but the time never comes around that we actually sit down and craft or cook or whatever the project might be.

What to do first?

When looking at the Pinterest site for the first time I was very confused as to what you actually do on there. Once you take a look at the categories, it all comes a little bit clearer. You can look up categories that catch your interest and then make your own boards as a closet of some sort to pin things that catch your eye. Some of the categories that are included are:

  • Do it Yourself & Crafts
  • Outdoors
  • Crafts
  • Food and Drink
  • Home Decor

 Whatever it is you are looking for– Pinterest has it!!

 This Weeks Craft

This week, me and my roommate Cristina made t-shirt scarves!
Attached is the link we used and a picture of her in the one she made!

T-shirt Scarf 

Pinterest Scarf!!

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