My Very First Blog

Sparty On!!

Hi everyone, I am excited to start blogging and sharing my insight on different things and also on me on here. I want my first blog to be about my summer because it was a very eventful one and I was thinking if I wrote it down on here I definitely will never forget it! I spent my summer interning in Chicago, well a suburb, Wilmette, IL and lived in Evanston, IL. I was working at Westmoreland Country Club for my level two internship for Hospitality Business. While working there it made me decide some life decisions, for one I do not want to work in food and beverage when I graduate. Additionally, I had to work every weekend for sometimes twelve-fourteen hour days– which is not how I would like to spend weekends as an adult. I realized that I like the business side of it a lot more, therefore I decided I want to get my masters degree in Human Resources. I’ve been looking into different school and will start applying soon so I’ll keep you posted on where I apply and everything. That’s all for today, talk to you soon!

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